MegRem Softball - Megan Rembielak

April 27, 2022 Ken Carpenter Season 1 Episode 46
MegRem Softball - Megan Rembielak
Show Notes

In this episode, I get a behind the scenes look at softball social media influencer Megan Rembielak and her extremely popular MegRem Softball instruction success .  Megan is a former D1 softball player for Appalachian State University and current softball instructor based in Jupiter, FL. Her passion and love for the game has drawn her to stay involved past her All-Southern Conference playing days.  Her YouTube channel and website is Meg Rem Softball.

  • Growing up around the game and having a dad who was a D1 College Baseball coach
  • What it takes to play at the D1 level
  • Why playing multiple sports is valuable
  • MegRem Softball and social media takes off
  • Simple Message to those who attends her MegRem clinics
  • Follow Megan Rembielak on all social platforms @MegRemSoftball

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