Controlled Chaos - Matt Pagni

June 15, 2022 Ken Carpenter Season 1 Episode 49
Controlled Chaos - Matt Pagni
Show Notes

One of the most important statistics in baseball is runs scored.  Every coach has a style of play suited for their team.  Players, coaches and fans love home runs and extra base hits, but being fundamentally sound in what is referred to as "small ball" can win you a lot of baseball games.

In this episode, I sit down with Matt Pagni to discuss what he likes to call controlled chaos on the base paths and why it's essential to winning baseball games.

  • College World Series  and the Tennessee Volunteers style of play
  • Putting an emphasis on bunting in practice
  • Looking at small ball a different way
  • Playing the game with respect/Palms Up
  • "Small Ball" or Controlled Chaos... essentially baseball
  • Why you need vocal players on defense

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