Winning Culture - Greg Berge

November 16, 2022 Ken Carpenter Season 1 Episode 59
Winning Culture - Greg Berge
Show Notes

Consistently successful teams have one thing that separates them from average teams.  A winning culture and the head coach is responsible for setting the tone. 

Greg Berge is the Head Basketball Coach and Principal at Lincoln High School in Lake City, Minnesota.  He is a Sports Leadership Facilitator and author of "Culture WINS". 

Coach Berge puts out a weekly newsletter: Great Teams - Better Leaders - 123

In this episode:

  • 4 steps to building a winning program
  • Getting the right players on the bus
  • Developing the edge - 2017 team
  • 5 types of leaders needed for a winning team
  • Administrators need to have the coaches back
  • Solutions to the officiating crisis

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